Quality Policy

Principle of Honesty,Practice of Innovation,Goal for Quality.

To achieve quality stability, PMT obtained ISO 9001:2015, quality management system (QMS) certification. To enhance process control accuracy, we also invested several millions NTD in process diagnostic system.

Company Strategy

  • Develop the application of various industries with the core technology – thermal spray, cold spray, hardfacing and processing.
  • Build customer confidence and dependence on the company by promote customer's machine and parts life, functions and special effects.
  • Develop from traditional industries - steel, petrochemical, power generation, textile, cement, paper and other industries to high-tech industries- optoelectronics, semiconductors, green energy, automotive, aerospace industry, and extend to foreign customers actively.
  • Keep developing and improving the technology and programmatic training of employees, building a premier technical team. Coupled with efficient management to reduce costs, and build partnerships with customers.
  • Improve employees’ salary and welfare and feedback the benefits to shareholders by profiting. To achieve the goal of win-win with the company.

  Future Prospect

  • Base on stable and mature technology in traditional industry service, we also involve in  the green energy industry at this moment. The company start in a new stage and introduce new process technology to develop new industry application and foreign business, response to customer’s quality request to expand company’s niche.
ISO 9001
IATF 16949
AS 9100
Wholehearted Participation
Concentrated Execution
Customer First
Customer Satisfaction